Photos from our 3/5/17 Concert at Shapeshifter Lab:

Spring Concert:
Sunday 3/5/17 at Shapeshifter Lab - 
18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY

Larry Polansky, viiiivvi (2017 - Ipse Commission - World Premiere)
Kirsten Broberg, Increscent
Robert Carl, Bullet Cycle
Max Giteck Duykers, Folding Music (2017 - World Premiere)
Joseph Di Ponio, Transits II (Always Into and From)  (2017 - World Premiere)
And the U.S. Premiere of Jae-Moon Lee's M.O.N.T.A.G.E. - the selection from our 2017 Call for Scores

Guest Performers Caitlin Sullivan, cello and Ben Grow, conductor

Photos from our 9/23/16 concert at Tenri Cultural Institute

Inaugural Concert
Friday 9/23 at 8pm at Tenri Cultural Center - 43 W 13th St, NYC

Lou HarrisonSuite for Percussion (1940) arranged for sextet by Miguel Frasconi; (2016 - Ipse Commission – World Premiere)
Dai Fujikura - The Voice for bassoon and cello (2008)
Ashley Fure - Therefore I Was for cello, piano and percussion (2012)
Max Giteck Duykers - Dark Body for flute, violin, cello and piano (2015)
Joseph Di Ponio - Lines of Flight for bassoon and thundersheet (2016 – World Premiere)
Miguel Frasconi - Reading Poetry with Eyes Closed for sextet and Buchla synthesizer; (2016 - Ipse Commission – world premiere)

Guest performers: Miguel Frasconi, Buchla synthesizer and Stephanie Corwin, bassoon