Photos from our 5/31/19 Performer Portrait Concert with Margaret Lancaster:

Ensemble Ipse Performer Portrait - Margaret Lancaster
May 31st, 2019, 7:30pm
Church of the Intercession, NYC

Jacob ter Veldhuis - "Garden of Love”
Jeff Herriot - "Wanderer Hymn" - NYC Premiere, call for scores selection
Joseph Di Ponio – "Interiors I" - WORLD PREMIERE
Bekah Simms - “Skinscape” - NYC Premiere, call for scores selection
Monique Jean - "Low Memory" #2
Nathan Haering -"Cimmerian Isolation” - Call for scores selection
Milica Paranosic - "Lady M" - NYC Premiere


Photos from our 6/4/19 CD Release Party at Charrua Uruguyan Bistro:


Photos from our 12/4/18 String Quartet Concert:

December 4th, 2018, 8pm
Recent Music for String Quartet
Areté Gallery, 67 West Street, Brooklyn

Can Bilir – "String Quartet no. 2 – ‘A wordless tale dedicated to the Flying Willendorfs in the windowless skies’" NYC PREMIERE
Alec Hall – "28 Hours
Stephanie Griffin – "Happy Car Ride from the Lost Quartet" - NYC PREMIERE

And our 2018 Call for Scores selections:
George Lam – "String Quartet" - U.S. PREMIERE
Ari Sussman – "needless to say" - NYC PREMIERE
Ursula Kwong-Brown – "Emerald Meditations" - NYC PREMIERE
Matt Frey – "Procession"


Photos from our 10/16/18 - 10/18/18 recording session at Oktaven Audio with producer Judith Sherman for an album release on New World Records next year:


Photos from our 9/8/18 Siteworks Concert, the premiere of "Seven" by Joseph Di Ponio, under the 7 Train in Sunnyside, Queens:

September 8th, 2018
Under the 7 Train in Sunnyside, Queens
Queens Boulevard between 40th and 41st Streets

Joseph Di Ponio - "Seven" WORLD PREMIERE

Margaret Lancaster, flutes
Esther Noh, violin
Emma Dong, violin*
Fiona Last, oboe*
Alicia Bennett, clarinet*
Geoffrey Burleson, melodica
Cory Ryan, alto saxophone*
 Caitlin Sullivan, cello
Timothy Leonard, cello*
Mara Mayer, bass clarinet*
Stephanie Corwin, bassoon*
Myeonghan Yu, tenor saxophone*
Danielle Tagar, trombone*
Joseph Higgins, double bass*
Matt Ward, percussion

*Guest performer


Photos from our 5/6/18 Concert, "La Tierra Llama" at Shapeshifter Lab:

"La Tierra Llama" 
A Concert of Latin American Composers
May 6th, 2018, 7pm, Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn

Guest curated by Ricardo Gallo
-Igor Santos - “Lamento” - 2018 Call for Scores Selection
-Gabriel Bolaños -“Sonorita" - 2018 Call for Scores Selection - NY PREMIERE
-Cecilia Pereyra -“Réplicas"
-Patricia Martínez - "Los Tiempos Del Alma”
-Ricardo Gallo - “Prismá volador” - IPSE COMMISSION & WORLD PREMIERE, featuring guest Chilean poet/performer Cecilia Vicuña


Photos from our 4/19/18 Happy Hour Benefit at Broadway Dive:

Ensemble Ipse Happy Hour Benefit
Thursday 4/19, 7pm
Broadway Dive (2662 Broadway, NYC)
Musical Performances by:
Gabe Shuford, Erin & Her Cello, Gregor Kitzis, 
Dary-John Mizelle, Eric Heilner, and Jacob Elkin


Photos from our 4/6/18 Performer Portrait Concert at Tenri Cultural Institute:

Performer Portrait Concert
Recent Works for Violin, Piano, and Electronics
April 6th, 2018, 7:30pm, Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC

Featuring Esther Noh, violin and Geoffrey Burleson, piano
-Kyong Mee Choi - “To Unformed” - 2018 Call for Scores Selection
-Luigi Nono - “...sofferte onde serene...”
-Paula Matthusen - “In absentia”
-Bernard Parmegiani - “Violostries”
-Max Giteck Duykers “Ocean Filigree” - WORLD PREMIERE
-Joseph Di Ponio - "It Was and Then..." - WORLD PREMIERE


Photos from our 3/5/17 Concert at Shapeshifter Lab:

Spring Concert:
Sunday 3/5/17 at Shapeshifter Lab - 18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY

Larry Polansky, "viiiivvi" (2017) - IPSE COMMISSION & WORLD PREMIERE
Kirsten Broberg, "Increscent"
Robert Carl, "Bullet Cycle"
Max Giteck Duykers, "Folding Music" (2017) - WORLD PREMIERE
Joseph Di Ponio, "Transits II (Always Into and From)"  (2017) - WORLD PREMIERE
Jae-Moon Lee - "M.O.N.T.A.G.E." - U.S. PREMIERE, 2017 Call for Scores Selection

Guest Performers Caitlin Sullivan, cello and Ben Grow, conductor

Photos from our 9/23/16 concert at Tenri Cultural Institute

Inaugural Concert
Friday 9/23 at 8pm at Tenri Cultural Center - 43 W 13th St, NYC

Lou Harrison – "Suite for Percussion" (1940) arranged for sextet by Miguel Frasconi; (2016) - IPSE COMMISSION & WORLD PREMIERE
Dai Fujikura - "The Voice" for bassoon and cello
Ashley Fure - "Therefore I Was" for cello, piano and percussion
Max Giteck Duykers - "Dark Body" for flute, violin, cello and piano
Joseph Di Ponio - "Lines of Flight" for bassoon and thundersheet (2016) – WORLD PREMIERE
Miguel Frasconi - "Reading Poetry with Eyes Closed" for sextet and Buchla synthesizer; (2016) - IPSE COMMISSION & WORLD PREMIERE

Guest performers: Miguel Frasconi, Buchla synthesizer and Stephanie Corwin, bassoon